E-Visa Service From Bangladesh

Bangladeshi passport holders have access to e-visas for several countries. As of 2024, here are some of the countries that allow Bangladeshi citizens to apply for an e-visa:


  • Antigua and Barbuda (30 days)
  • Suriname


  • Côte d’Ivoire (3 months)
  • Djibouti (31 days)
  • Ethiopia (up to 90 days)
  • Gabon
  • Guinea (90 days)
  • Malawi (90 days)
  • São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe


These e-visa options provide greater travel flexibility for Bangladeshi citizens, allowing them to explore various destinations with ease. For the most current and detailed information, including application processes and any changes in visa policies, you can visit the respective visa information websites or the embassies of these countries.


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